A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Star Wars Infographic Poster

Data visualisation/ 

Step into the epic universe of Star Wars prequel trilogy with our meticulously designed infographic poster, this visual storytelling brings together the rich history and excitement of the Star Wars series, offering a unique and comprehensive look at this iconic franchise in bewteen the fiction and reality world. We experimented with different approaches to indicate the data—such as cross-section, diagrams and timeline, etc.

Design Team:
Aaron Chan, Charles Ng, Angel Kwong, Clarice Lam

Character Relationship and Timelline

Inspires by the space travel from the series, a circle data visualisation is created to reveals the charater relationships throughout the timeline. Supporting minor information, such as the located planets, are presented aside.

The graph also extends with a connection that links with the appeared troppers in the trilogy movies.

This is one of the examples of how we marked the relationships among the movie characters and timeline during the movie study.

Troopers and military force in reality

The types of troopers are being compared with the US military force. It is interesting to found that there are similarities between the fictional and non-fictional world.

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